Little Red Bug Poem

The Little Bug with A Horse And 1/2

When I was a young boy just barely a teen, a red scooter was built, a sight to be seen. 2 wheels & a motor, a horse and a half, to see it in motion, you’re tempted to laugh.

But to the rider on board Oh he thought he was king, down the streets he would zip, what stares it would bring! The speed was amazing, about 25, but when you were riding, you felt so alive.

To keep the thing running you needed to be a shade tree mechanic as well as could be. As we grew older and started driving our cars, we abandoned our scooters ,and traveled afar.

As years went by, over 50 for sure, the yearning for scooters didn’t seem so mature. But when you saw that scooter all broken and rusted, you said “I can fix it so again it can trusted.”

Now with the wind in your face as you ride your new “Bug” you fly down the streets feeling just a bit smug. On your second ride around, and possibly more, kid’s faces light up as they hear the loud roar.

On the little red bug with a horse and a half, we might just be heroes, isn’t that a big laugh? But the thing to remember as time whizzes by, we’re all kids at heart, and that is why!

Hobbies and fads come and go but Doodlebugs live on forever!!!

Author-Jerry A Wells

doodle bug
doodle bug
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