Production Information

There were 40,000 Doodlebugs manufactured from the spring of 1946 through the fall of 1948 by Beam Mfg. Company of Webster City, Iowa. They were produced in four runs of 10,000 each.

The first production consisted of Standard Models A (Briggs & Stratton) and B (Clinton). Only 750 to 1000 of the first production were the Model B, making it the rarest of all Doodlebugs. All Doodlebug motor Scooters had kick start engines and were painted red from the factory.

The only accessories available were three headlight/taillight kits which consisted of:(1) Bendix headlight generator with a Do-Ray taillight for B&S only
(2) Do-Ray headlight and taillight with a 6 volt battery which would fit all scooters.(3)Make-A-Lite headlight and taillight with a 6 volt battery which also fit all scooters.

In addition there was one Delta brake light kit that used a type D battery. 

First Production Facts
• White handle bar grips
• Fluid drive clutches
• Five slot belt guards
• Side panels were flared at the bottom( horse’s hoof)
• Single control for brake & throttle
• Model A had fuel shutoff in the gas tank
• Non-shutoff fuel filter mounted on the engine
• Kill switch was push/pull
• B&S was a model NP (type 306705)
• Clinton was a model 710ASLB

The second and third production runs were standard Models C&D, all Briggs & Stratton powered.

Second & Third Production Facts
• Black handle bar grips
• Side panels were rounded at the bottom
• Three slot belt guards
• Fuel filter with shutoff mounted on the gas tank
• Early Model C’s had fluid drive
• Later Model C’s and all Model D’s had a centrifugal clutch
• Kill switch was a toggle
• B&S was a Model NP (type 306707 & 306709)

Fourth Production Facts
• The Super Doodlebug was the same as the Standard Model D except it had separate controls for the throttle (left) and brake (right)
• There was a parking brake on the brake control handle
• B&S was a Model NP (306715)

Production history info courtesy of Don Jackson, Yesterday’s Rides Metalworks, Inc. 

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