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Follow Up On The 2020 Outlaw Meet In September

Even though the reunion was cancelled due to the virus, a few of our members  decided to come to Webster City to either camp at the fairgrounds or stay at one of the local motels and the  story gets more interesting from there. It was felt that riding would be the appropriate way to keep socially distanced and the city government was totally on board  with that thought. The group was given permission to ride the river trail a few times, and the city streets  as long as they rode in visible groups and in a safe manner. There was even a police escort to the local airport! The weather was picture perfect  and a great time was had by all who were able to participate. Thanks to Matt S., Gerald H., and Kevin R., there were members from CA. NE,IA,MN,IL,MO,OK, totaling40 people . Meals were on their own  and masks were provided for closer contact. The only problem is that our 2021 reunion will be a tough one to beat. If anyone has any ideas for next year let the committee members know and we will try to make it happen.Again kudos to the group that put this event together. Hope to see everyone next year. Stay Tuned for further news.



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