Doodlebug delight

Doodlebug Club of America members scooted into Webster City last week for the club’s 31st annual reunion. Over 70 members flocked from 17 states for the highly-anticipated gathering. Some drove nearly 2,000 miles for the fun and fellowship with fellow motor scooter enthusiasts.

Attendees spent the week polishing up their scooters, checking out downtown events and reminiscing on how the Doodlebug scooter has positively impacted their lives.

With the fun in full force, not even a rain delay Saturday morning could stop the Doodlebugs from their annual trail ride.

After the shortened trail ride, members had their annual meeting and finished out the week long reunion with a banquet.

Club members from ages six to nearly 90 shared their fond memories at the evening banquet. As many attendees put it, this isn’t just a club, it’s a family.

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