Scooting right along

The ‘Bugs are back! And no, I don’t mean the little critters flying and crawling about, I mean the Doodlebugs!

Every September a piece of Webster City history is remembered and celebrated by locals and visitors.

For the last 30 years, the Doodlebug Club of America has been meeting in Webster City to reminisce on the motorized scooter’s lengthy history. This year is the 31st Annual Doodlebug Club reunion and hundreds are expected to travel to Webster City for the event.

Local club members are readying the fairgrounds and preparing for their annual trail ride and meeting. This includes polishing up their own scooters and getting them in supreme running condition.

The festivities begin officially on Wednesday at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds and continue through Sunday. The public is invited and encouraged to visit the fairgrounds throughout the week to check out the vintage scooters and see what the club is all about. There is no charge to attend.

I attended the event last year for the first time and had a ball. Club member Jim Juon let me borrow a scooter and participate in the nearly three-hour trail ride. Although the weather was chilly, the company made up for it. While whisking along the Boone River Trail, we navigated large puddles, steep hills and tight corners. I was frankly quite proud of myself for not falling, breaking the loaned scooter or losing my balance.

While attending their annual meeting, I was surprised at the volume of attendees. Did you know that people have been traveling from as far as California, Alaska and the East Coast for this event? Doodlebug members span 34 states across the nation according to club records.

If you are a fan of the ‘Bugs or in the mood for some music, check out the upcoming Music in the Park/Open Mic Event happening Thursday night. Word on the street is club members will be riding out to the monthly music event on their scooters!

The Doodlebug scooter may be dated, but people of all ages will enjoy checking out the scooters. Even better, it’s a great way to take in some Webster City history and support your community.

Be adventurous next week and go check out the ‘Bugs at the fairgrounds. It’s a memory you’ll never forget.


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